About us

Protective Security Investigations, Inc., (PSI) had its modest beginnings as a three-man investigative unit. This team provided discreet, accurate and reliable civil and criminal investigations. The team covered the seven Western states providing their services to a host of corporate and government clients. This organization although modest in its beginnings has grown substantially since its inception. This growth can be attributed to the company's ability to respond to the specialized investigative needs of its clients without the added burden of a large corporate infrastructure.

The management team is led by Gary Rice, the president of PSI. Mr. Rice brings to the company fourteen years of Specialized Law Enforcement training and experience with the Federal Bureau of Investigations, as a Task Force Agent, a member of the Clark-Skamania Drug Task Force and as a detective/patrol officer for the La Center Marshals Office as well as a reserve for the Clark County Sheriffs Office. Mr. Rice also has over sixteen years experience in the private investigative field.

Joan Rice is the Secretary/Treasurer of PSI. Mrs. Rice brings her individual organizational and managerial skills to the firm. The last several years Mrs. Rice has used her talents to manage multi-million dollar medical care programs for both local area care providers as well as governmental agencies.

Summer Rice has worked for the company for several years and is a licensed investigator in both Oregon and Washington states. Ms Rice handles client relations as well as managing the background investigations portion of the business.

John (Jack) Jones is the Operational Manager for the firm. Mr Jones addition to the firm amplifies our successful client relations drawing upon his over thirty years of management in the security and investigative industry. His duties include the day to day management of the open investigative case files and client contacts.